Wearing braces is the start of your journey towards a smile you love. After your orthodontist fits them, you'll need to put in some effort to contribute to their success. By avoiding certain mistakes, you'll enjoy a smoother brace-wearing journey. 

Eating Tough Foods

No matter how much you love certain foods, you'll need to avoid them while you're wearing braces. Some of them are obvious. For example, tough breads and hard sweets that require you to place a lot of pressure on your teeth. Others may seem innocent, such as popcorn with kernels that can get beneath the brackets and slowly force them forwards. Your orthodontist can provide you with details on which foods to avoid. If you suspect you've accidentally damaged brackets by eating something you shouldn't, schedule an ad hoc appointment.

Chewing Objects

There's no denying that your teeth are tough. However, while you have braces in place, chewing objects isn't wise. If you have a habit of chewing pen lids, now's the time to change it for something else. For example, sugar-free gum that your teeth can withstand. Similarly, don't use your teeth as a shortcut for biting nails or items such as sticky tape. Use scissors instead. While you may feel capable of chewing objects, doing so can knock your brackets out of place. 

Poor Oral Hygiene

Not having great oral hygiene can cause infections that become riskier while your braces are in place. If those infections result in you losing teeth, your brackets have less support and you may need a refit. Additionally, you may experience yellowing around your brackets that's difficult to fix. Pay attention to your orthodontist's guidance on oral hygiene. Whatever steps you have to take now shouldn't require much more effort than a normal routine.

Not Using Retainers

After your treatment period ends, your orthodontist may need you to wear a retainer to maintain the results. Once they take your brackets out, there's a risk that your teeth may shift slightly. This can feel frustrating, as it undoes all your good work. Retainers will help your teeth maintain their new position. Eventually, you'll be able to stop wearing it, but you should continue using it until your orthodontist says otherwise. While using your retainer, ensure you adhere to hygiene guidelines and store it correctly.

Your orthodontist may provide you with guidance that's unique to your oral health too. By following their instructions, you'll make your treatment a success. 

Reach out to an orthodontist to learn more about caring for your braces.