Although a chipped tooth is not a serious problem, some cases can land you in emergency dental care. For instance, if you try to use your teeth to open a plastic package, but it slips and cuts your gum and chips your tooth, you need to seek emergency dental services. Similarly, biting into hard stuff like ice can cause excruciating pain and chipping. Luckily, emergency dental services can help fix a chipped tooth and prevent further complications. Therefore, what are the most common emergency dental procedures for restoring a chipped tooth? Read on to find out.


Bonding is the most common treatment for fixing a chipped tooth. It is a simple procedure that involves covering the chipped spot with a moulded composite material. An emergency dentist must rough up the area first before applying the bond, ensuring a strong attachment. Once the surface is rough enough, a dentist applies the composite material, moulds it according to your tooth's shape, and glues it in place using blue light. The light hardens the bond instantly; however, it is essential to note that bonding takes time without proper care. Therefore, you should avoid biting into hard foods and objects.


Sometimes, a chipped tooth can cause a crack that needs immediate dental care. Unfortunately, most people do not take a cracked tooth seriously unless it becomes painful, particularly when taking hot or cold foods and drinks. A cracked tooth should be repaired immediately using a crown to prevent pain from exposed nerves and tooth decay. Ideally, a crown helps hold a severely cracked tooth together to prevent it from falling apart. It means that you can lose the tooth if you do not seek emergency dental care. Although crowns may be similar to veneers, they are different because they cover an entire tooth, not just the front-facing part. A crown is effective in restoring your smile quickly.

Dental Implants

When the crack in your tooth extends to the surface of the gum line, emergency dentistry is mandatory to help stop the bleeding and remove the tooth. It is because the level of damage is irreparable and needs a dental implant. Although the procedure is considered an emergency, it takes time because the affected area must heal before a dentist can add a metal post to the gum line. The metal post holds an implant firmly and gives it a natural look and feel.

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