There are so many reasons why your teenager needs to see an orthodontist. Besides improving their overall oral health, the treatment can also boost their self-confidence. This type of therapy focuses on correcting dental problems, especially those affecting tooth alignment. Moreover, with the changes in technology you can be virtually treated without having to travel, using telemedicine options when available. Here are a few key reasons for teenager orthodontic care

Permanent Teeth Are Starting To Grow

Permanent teeth begin to emerge between ages 12 to 17. It is at this time when early orthodontist consultation and treatment should be on your agenda. At this point, both the face and jaws are growing. This provides the orthodontist with more valuable information to work with. The specialist can quickly identify and correct dental issues such as in-between spaces, poorly positioned teeth and an improper bite. It's easier to diagnose and treat dental problems at this stage. It is also much simpler to manipulate facial bones and muscles, unlike at later adult stages where it can be challenging to do so.

Your Teenager Has Crooked/Protruding Teeth 

The teenage years are sensitive, and most adolescents are self-conscious. Things can quickly become worse if your child has wide gaps, crooked or even protruding teeth. It can have a lasting negative impact on their self-esteem if not addressed. Teenager orthodontic care is, therefore, a timely intervention that improves their smile and self-esteem, and takes care of their future oral and overall body health. This is because well-positioned teeth are easy to clean, helping to prevent tooth decay. Your child can also bite, chew and digest their food correctly.

Teenagers Can Identify with It

One of the most common type of early orthodontic treatment is braces. Settings such as schools and social places comprise a significant percentage of teenagers wearing braces and other devices to correct their teeth. Some of them consider it as a new trend, understanding and accepting that it's for their excellent health.     

It would be best if you did not wait until it is too late to correct your teenager's teeth. The earlier you do it, the quicker any healing can take place because they are in their prime stage of growth. 

If you notice any misaligned/crooked teeth in your adolescent child, quickly take action. Besides, what better gift can you offer your highly self-conscious teen that the self-confidence that accompanies an impressive smile?