Facing a chipped or fractured tooth is an incident that many people worry about. Depending on the location of the tooth, it may leave you feeling self-conscious. If the fracture is extreme, you may need a tooth removal and replacement. Seeing a dentist immediately after the incident gives you a better chance of maintaining your aesthetic. You may find it useful to know what to expect.

Examining Your Tooth

When you go to see your dentist, they will examine your tooth to assess the severity of the damage. If your chip is particularly small, they might just polish the affected tooth to achieve a more even appearance. However, if they're unsure of the extent of the damage, they may want to take an x-ray. Your x-ray will help them plan the next stage of your treatment and it will give them a better idea of whether to expect nerve exposure.

Fixing the Tooth

Your dentist may be able to fix your tooth without removing it. Dental bonding is one of the most popular options for doing this. After conditioning your tooth, they'll mould a putty to it and then shape it to match the rest of your smile. If you do need dental bonding, make sure you adhere to any aftercare advice they provide so that you can make the results last longer.

Removing and Replacing

If a crack or fracture is particularly bad, your dentist may choose to remove your tooth. Doing so gives them a free space to provide a replacement and it may guard you against infection and nerve damage. From there, your dentist will provide you with options for tooth replacement.

If you've experienced more than one chipped tooth, your dentist may be able to create a set of partial dentures. As a minimally invasive procedure, fitting dentures requires the dentist to take a mould of your mouth. From there, a lab technician will produce them and you can wear them to replace your missing teeth.

Another option is to use a dental implant. Dental implants do require some oral surgery, but they act as a long-term solution to replacing teeth. Whether you prefer dentures or dental implants, your dentist will create teeth that are similar in appearance to the ones you already have.

If you're trying to manage a chipped or cracked tooth, don't panic. There are plenty of treatment and replacement options available and you can return to your normal smile in no time. You can reach out to your dentist for more information about the benefits of dentures and dental implants.