Are you the kind of a person that likes to socialise with people but something holds you back? Could the problem be missing teeth or teeth that are so damaged that your self-esteem is quite low when you're out with friends? Are you looking forward to going through a dental implant process but you have no idea what it's all about? Well, you are in the right place. In the discussion below, you will find all the necessary information you need about dental implants, the surgical process, its benefits and the cost of dental implants.

Dental implant

The dental implant installation process includes the removal of the root of the current tooth or where the tooth used to be. A screw is then put in place and a cap attached to it. The cap looks exactly like a real tooth. This is an entirely safe process and has positive reviews from many patients who got implants. In addition, teeth implants have been reported to last many years if taken care of properly. Their inability to decay like natural teeth makes them great. However, it's important that you brush them to keep the bright colour, and you might need to replace the cap if it is accidentally damaged.

The surgical process

Several things are taken into consideration before the process begins. First, the gums have to be checked for any problems and left to heal before anything is done. As was mentioned previously, the root that holds your tooth is removed to allow space for an implant. In some cases where there is not enough bone to place the implant, the dentist may suggest bone grafting and then give you some time to heal. The healing time for this is usually six months. After you are healed, the implant is then placed with a temporary crown while you wait for the permanent one to be custom-made for you. Note that the process takes a single visit to the dentist for some people. It all depends on your specific circumstances.


The cost of dental implants may differ depending on several things. The materials used for the implants vary in quality; therefore, there may be a slight difference in cost. The location, experience of the dentist and the complexity of your case may also contribute to the price. Normally, the cost of the dental implant procedure is between around $3,000 and $7,000.

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