Dental bonding is a procedure in which composite resins are used to improve the appearance of the teeth. They may be either directly applied to fill cavities or small gaps and chips, or the teeth may be roughened and the resins fixed on with adhesive. The procedure is quick and simple, but is it the right solution for your teeth?


Dental bonding can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic problems. It can cover discoloured teeth; repair chipped or cracked teeth; replace metal fillings with a tooth-coloured amalgam which is much less obvious; change the shape of teeth, making them longer to even out the tooth-line or wider to fill in gaps and repair teeth by filling cavities or protecting the root when the gums have receded.


The main advantage of dental bonding is that it is a routine and simple procedure. This translates directly into two big advantages for the patient—it tends to be painless and is relatively cheap. Unless the treatment is complicated, involving many teeth, it is likely to need only a single appointment and will provide immediate results. And as the enamel will not need to be stripped away, it should not require any kind of anaesthesia.

The resin is also fairly flexible, so it can expand and contract along with your natural teeth. Nonetheless, it remains fairly strong and durable.

Finally, the amalgam can be made the same colour as your natural teeth, making it fairly undetectable.


Firstly, it must be remembered that this kind of cosmetic treatment is not a substitute for proper dental work. If you are in any kind of pain or discomfort or if your teeth are badly damaged, you will need proper treatment.

You should also remember that the bonding material is not as strong as your real teeth and can be more prone to being damaged. It may also need restoring every couple of years, unlike treatments such as crowns or veneers.

You may also need to find a specialist cosmetic dentist, as it can take a lot of skill and expertise to apply the resin to match your teeth.

As always, whether you undergo this treatment is something only you can decide, in consultation with your dentist. But it is well worth remembering that if you have chipped or uneven teeth, there may be a quick and inexpensive treatment available that can transform your smile.