While whitening is always a choice when your teeth are discoloured, wouldn't you like to stretch your pearly whites for as long as possible before visiting your local dentist? Some foods offer better endurance than others when it comes to retaining white teeth for the long term because they contain key ingredients that shield teeth from tooth decay by removing plaque.  This guide is designed to offer you insights into foods that can help you retain the glory of your white teeth for as long as possible.


Apples are crunchy when you bite into them and this crispiness strengthens gums over time. Apples also have high contents of water, which helps to enhance the production of saliva. Saliva cleans your teeth and removes stains over time. An apple a day may not necessarily keep the doctor away, but it will certainly protect your pearly whites for as long as possible before you need to visit your local dentist. Other crunchy and high-water-content alternatives to apple include celery, carrots and green beans.


Broccoli is high in fibre and iron. This helps to reduce any inflammations and polishes your teeth to retain their whiteness for longer.  The high iron content of broccoli helps to coat teeth enamel with a protective layer. This wards off stains, harmful bacteria and acid erosion. You can either steam or eat broccoli raw based on your personal tastes.


Cheese contains high contents of calcium in it, which is great for keeping your teeth white for as long as you can. Cheese also contains lactic acid and phosphorus, which help to prevent premature decay and keep your teeth enamel stronger. Harder cheese helps clean your teeth by stimulating saliva, which has stain removal capabilities. Apart from cheese, other dairy products like milk and yoghurt can achieve the same teeth whitening effect, so be sure to include them in your dental diet.


Strawberries are well known to help retain white teeth because they contain malic acid. This acid acts as a natural whitener. Strawberries also contain antioxidants that can help fight stain-attracting bacteria. The Vitamin C present in strawberries can help to prevent gum inflammation. Of course, keep in mind that strawberries also contain sugar, so follow up this eating habit with regular brushing to prevent the sugars from defeating the teeth whitening effects of the fruit.

To maintain healthy white teeth, stay away from stain-causing foods like red wine, coffee and dark berries. Add these incredible teeth whitening foods to your diet to maintain your pearly whites for as long as possible and don't forget those regular stain-preventing visits to your local dentist.