Surf's up, and there are many Australian surfers who enjoy hitting the waves for a recreational ride. While surfers are a hardy lot who will get out on the water no matter what the season is, you know you will see more of them surfing during the upcoming summer months. Because of this increased amount of surfing traffic, it is not unusual to see an increase in surfing accidents. A surfboard hitting you in the face can leave you suffering from a dental trauma that could result in the loss of a tooth if you're not prepared. Getting a dental emergency kit ready for your car now could make all the difference when you are hitting the waves this summer.

What You Need

A dental emergency kit is not difficult to prepare, and you can start off by buying a small cooler bag if you do not already have one at home. Next, you need to gather up these items to put in it:

  • A small container with a lid that can be used to transport a tooth. It does not need to be any bigger than one of your front teeth, but it does need a sealed lid.
  • Clean handkerchief, or small square of cotton fabric.
  • Small piece of folded up plastic wrap.

That is all you need to prepare your emergency dental kit. The only other thing you need to remember is each time you head out for a surf, you should put some cold milk into the small container.

What To Do When A Surfboard Dislodges A Tooth

Timing is essential once you have lost the tooth, and the first thing you need to do is get out of the water. Keep the tooth within your mouth until you reach the dental emergency kit in your car.

Rinse the tooth off with a little of the milk in the container, and then try to replant it in your mouth. This involves pushing it back in the gap it was dislodged from, and then biting down on the cloth square in your kit. Keep biting down on the cloth while you drive to your closest emergency dentist.

If it will not stay in place, place the tooth into the container of milk, and then drive to the dentist. If you have forgotten to bring milk, the plastic wrap is your backup plan to keep it clean. Never transport a dislodged tooth in tap water as it contains chlorine that can permanently damage the roots of the tooth.

The faster you can get to a dentist, the better your chances of the tooth being saved. However, by preparing a dental emergency kit for your car before you start surfing, you have all the tools you need to care for the tooth until you get there. Contact a family dentist for more information.