For most adults, opting for braces to fix crooked teeth and restore their smile is out of the question. This is largely due to body image. No one wants a mouth full of metal while navigating their busy careers. However, this does not mean you are out of options when it comes to teeth straightening. The popularity of invisalign has grown significantly due to the inconspicuousness that it offers adults. In addition, this treatment option tends to be both comfortable as well as convenient as it does not require much maintenance. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind if you would like to proffer proper care while adjusting to life with invisalign.

Take them off prior to eating

One of the selling points for opting to use invisalign is that you would not have to change your diet to accommodate them. With conventional braces, one would have to alter a few of their eating habits since some foods either may be painful to chew or could compromise the integrity of the braces. Invisalign, on the other hand, does not come with these drawbacks thus making it popular for people who do not want the extra hassle of changing their lifestyle. However, if you would like to prolong the life of the invisalign, it is advisable to take them out before engaging in a full meal. This is to avoid accumulation of food particles on them and make it difficult for you to clean them thoroughly. The invisalign may not be damaged, but you could feel some discomfort with the extra food debris in your mouth.

Clean them regularly

Although you are not required to take them out to clean them, you could still be proactive in ensuring that they remain sterile and germ free. Food particles can be easily removed from the invisalign when you brush your teeth. However, we all know that the mouth is an optimal breeding ground for a range of bacteria. That is why it would be advisable to take off the invisalign at least once a week to thoroughly clean them. This will get rid of any lingering bacteria and eliminate any plaque that may be building on them. Not only does this work to increasing their shelf life, but you also get to decrease the chances of succumbing to any dental problems.

Switch our the invisalign as directed by your dentist

The treatment terms to adhere to when it comes to invisalign will vary from one patient to the next. Most commonly, you will find that dental practitioners recommend having them switched out at least twice a month. This is to ensure that the treatment is working at gradually aligning your teeth by remaining tight.

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